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Becon signs business agreement for Lotte Healthcare business cooperation

Signed MOU with Becon, a startup specializing in hair loss and scalp care solutions, to enhance platform competitiveness

Lotte Healthcare announced on the 10th that it signed a business agreement with Beacon, a hair loss and scalp care solution startup, on the afternoon of the 9th for business cooperation and product supply. Beacon provides a "withbecon" service that checks scalp characteristics through interviews by users and finds ingredients that fit them with artificial intelligence to create "my own shampoo."

Woo Woong-jo, head of Lotte Healthcare's business division, and Park Min-seok, CEO of Becon, attended the signing ceremony.

Lotte Healthcare and Becon decided to jointly develop solutions related to hair loss home care through this business agreement, while promoting the launch of new personalized products in the future.

  • Conducting an online questionnaire on scalp type and concerns

  • Measurement and analysis of condition through scalp diagnostic device

  • Providing personalized hair loss management solutions and recommending products based on Becon AI

The main goal is to develop scalp care contents and programs together so that they can be used on Lotte Healthcare platform Casle.

Furthermore, in the mid- to long-term, it is also planning to recommend more detailed customized products by linking direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing items such as "hair loss type," "hair thickness," and "hair loss."

An official from Lotte Healthcare explained, "While interest in hair loss is increasing regardless of gender, we will provide differentiated services to consumers who want to receive more professional scalp care."


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