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[Newhair] Video of using the Becon Ai scalp analysis service

Automatic analysis of AI scalp

There are many microscopes where you can see the scalp. However, it was simply the direction where the doctor interpreted and diagnosed after filming.

Using AI technology, the Becon scalp scanner automatically analyzes a total of 10 items per hair follicle, hair thickness, hair follicle density, hair, dead skin cells, sensitivity, moisture, oil, temperature, and odor, providing a very convenient function for doctors to diagnose.

Analysis of hair loss progress

It is recommended that people who are naturally low in density and thin in thickness compare their past appearance when checking the progression of hair loss. Even if you have a lot of hair and it's thick, it could be someone who's losing hair, or even if you don't have a lot of hair and have thin hair, it could be the case.

In the case of Becon hair loss progress analysis, it is usually analyzed by comparing two parts of the head (or forehead line) that are concerned about hair loss, so it is possible to intuitively determine whether the hair thickness of the top of the head is thinner or less than the back of the head.

It basically provides a history function. You can also check if the condition has worsened compared to the past. If the symptoms are ambiguous, it is recommended to take repeated tests. It's best to have a checkup every six months or one year, and if you feel your symptoms getting worse or worse, you can come back and check them out.

Purpose of hair loss test

The reason why hair loss test is important is that you need to treat hair loss as early as possible. You don't need to be so sensitive if you can go back even if you start late.

It's easy to protect hair loss, but it's really hard to get it back on. There are two requirements that respond well to treatment. The younger the first (under 40 years of age), the better the treatment is for early hair loss.

The purpose of the hair loss test is to first determine the progress of hair loss, and secondly, it is meaningful to understand the effect of hair loss treatment. If you can see how much better it is, it will motivate you to work harder to treatments.


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