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becon skin, scalp AI analysis scanner, 비컨 스캐너, 두피 스캐너, 두피 진단기, 피부 진단기, 피부 현미경, 피부 분석
becon samsung C-Lab program, 비컨, 삼성전자 C-Lab 프로그램

AI Scalp & Hair loss automatic analysis

scalp care AI solution

scalp care AI solution

SW/HW Costomized service.

Analysis Items

Configure Custom Analysis Items

Reflect brand logo

Reflect brand logos to scanner and app services

Solution custom

Recommend a customized product or service

Social network

Support brand channel marketing by linking SNS

With one becon scanner,
Analysis from skin to scalp.

AI scalp analysis

Acne, blemishes/blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, skin tone, moisture, temperature, sebum, redness, Analysis of 12 pore density, pore size, and porphyrin item

AI scalp analysis scanner of becon. 비컨 AI 두피 분석 스캐너, 인공지능 두피 현미경, 두피 진단기기, 탈모 스캐너

AI skin analysis

Pore ​​density, hair per follicle, hair thickness, hair amount, keratin, sensitivity, oil,

Analysis of a total of 10 items including moisture, scalp heat, and odor

AI Skin analysis scanner of becon. AI 피부 분석 스캐너, 현미경, 인공지능 스캐너, 피부 분석 스캐너, 피부 현미경

With just one shot

Taking a white image and UV image,

Measures moisture, temperature, and hair odor through sensors

Taking a white image and UV image,

Measures moisture, temperature, and hair odor through sensors

두피 분석 항목

Analysis of 10 scalp items

AI analyzes a total of 10 scalp features, including moisture, temperature, smell, hair follicle density, hair per follicle, sensitivity, sebum, dandruff, and hair thickness.

becon micro scalp analysis hair follicle density
분석 기능_EN.png

Diverse Analysis.

detailed analysis of the scalp

Comprehensive analysis of bangs, side hair, top of the head, and back hair

Hair Loss Analysis

Comparison and Analysis of Healthy Scales and Worried Scales

Before & after analysis

Comparative analysis before and after the procedure

Improve your sales with product recommendations that are perfect for your customers

Based on about 30,000 ingredient data, we recommend products that are perfect for customers' scalp analysis results, scalp types, and scalp concerns.

시세이도 서브리믹.png
피부 분석 항목 1
피부 매크로 분석_EN-1.png

Analyzing overall status with camera shots

Five items are analyzed: blemishes, acne, dark circles, wrinkles, and skin tone

피부 분석 항목 2

Analyzing the state of the precision area by scanning the scanner

Moisture, skin heat, blush, pore density, pore size, sebum, and porphyrin are analyzed 7 items

skin micro analysis-7.png
비컨프로, becon pro, 간편한 고객 등록 및 히스토리 제공
비컨, 비컨 프로 카카오채널 연동 기능, 자동 알림톡 발송

Easy customer registration and customer history

Records are more accurate than memories!

You can record scalp conditions by scalp part and date, and you can see at a glance whether it is improving or even deteriorating through steady management.

The analysis results are easily shared through SNS

You can easily send the scalp analysis results to SNS.
Customers share reports with their families and acquaintances and can secure additional neighborhood-based customers.

비컨프로, becon pro, 분석 결과를 고객의 카카오톡으로 간편하게 공유
비컨 프로, 반응형 UX/UI 설계로 모바일, 스마트폰, 태블릿PC, 데스크탑에서 자유롭게 활용 가능
비컨 프로, 두피, 피부 분석 결과 자동 알림톡 발송 기능

To make your business stand out

We provide 
your brand page

From Korea's No. 1 hair transplant plastic surgery 'Mojerim' 'Modaol', 'New Hair Plastic Surgery Clinic', etc. Many corporate customers are already using it​

Not only mobile
but also tablets, PC, Large display

비컨 피부, 두피 분석 솔루션은 스마트폰, 태블릿PC, 데스크탑 어느 기기에서나 활용하실 수 있어요.

You can only check the data on the desktop.
Scanner connection and shooting are under development!

for optimal use

A scalp scanner used in hospitals, it was not necessary to be beautiful.

Through 7 times design mock-ups collaborating with BEBOP design team, we found the optimal grip and usability but beautiful.

Captured scalp image

It ​can be used 
in any environment

We offer wireless so that you could use it no matter where

Wireless Scalp Scanner
Scalp Scanner Parietal Analysis

Clean the scanner after use
via UV-C Sterilization

A scalp scanner that uses to multiple customers,

After use, just place it in the cradle.

Automatically sterilize by UV-C LED for 5 minutes

Scanner sterilization
Disinfection in progress

Scalp data accumulated daily,
Increasing diagnosis accuracy Every Day





Accumulated scalp data


Daily scalp data on average

About 1,800ea

Device name

Becon AI Scalp Microscope

UV-C Sterilization Cradle

Power button

​Charging indicator

CMOS Camera

Connection status indicator

Button to measure

Temperature, Moisture, and Hair Odor Sensors

USB Type-C charging

Product specifications

Product information

​Product name

Becon scanner

Model name



Becon Co.,Ltd.



Input power

5V / 100mA

Battery specifications

Lithium Polymer Battery 2,500mAh

Release year

August 2022


Scanner, manual, USB-C type cable, microfiber cloth

Product features

Main functions

White Led, UV LED Camera

Shooting mode

Comprehensive & comparative analysis

​Battery duration

8 hours

USB charging

Type-C USB (scanner/sterilization cradle)

Convenience features

Auto OFF when not in use


Size (W x H x D)

67.5 * 104.3 * 30.9 mm




Sand, Blue, Brick, Purple, Charcoal

Customer service information

In the event of a malfunction, you can receive free service for one year from the date of purchase.

However, in the following cases, it will be charged even within the free period.

  1. In the case of a malfunction caused by putting water, beverages, or other foreign substances into the product

  2. In case of damage or functional failure due to impact on the product

  3. In case of malfunction due to incorrect use of voltage and charging cable

  4. If the product is damaged while disassembling it arbitrarily

  5. In case of failure due to not following the management method and precautions in the manual

  6. In case of failure due to customer's other negligence

Partners with becon.

Applicable to multiple scenarios of skin care