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Be Confident.

becon means 'be confident!'


brand story
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To treat hair loss, we'll start with the exact cause and understanding

Becon joins the whole process of hair loss care, from analyzing your scalp condition to customized solutions

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a scalp that is more sensitive than the skin

See for yourself how much you improve with steady management with beacons.

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Recommend a product that's perfect for you

The scalp type, worries, lifestyle, and environment are all different, so why do they all use the same product?

Becon provides a solution that fits your own scalp through the efficacy analysis of the ingredients used in the product.

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Becon is a spin-off company founded in November 2020 through C-Lab, an in-house venture program of Samsung Electronics. It is a healthcare service company that proposes ICT-based customized solutions through the provision of IoT diagnostic devices and customized solutions.

Peeple who concern with hair loss have lost their confidence. Becon aims to inspire self-confidence by providing the most suitable solution according to each individual's scalp/hair condition to those who are suffering from hair loss.

Our company wants to be a friend of hair loss people all over the world and give them the opportunity to receive the most convenient and necessary hair loss care. Our goal is to become a partner who can accompany and help them on their journey to solve their hair loss concerns.


October 2023

entry into Japan

May 2023

MOU with Lotte Healthcare

January 2023

Nominated CES2023 Innovation Award

December 2022

Mojerim Hospital / Modaol Hospital / NHI Hospital, etc. Confirmation of solution introduction after MOU

August 2022

MOU with KB Healthcare

August 2022

PRE-A investment

February 2021

Samsung Venture Investment

November 2020

Established Corporation

July 2019

Samsung Electronics' C-Lab Program


Continuously learning and growing together.

In Becon, people who do not limit their learning gathered. To grow together, understand the direction of the team and develop themselves in a leading attitude.

Global is our standard. The way we work.

Understand and communicate cultural and language differences to be with markets around the world and customers, partners, and colleagues. Even if it takes more time and effort, we are willing to accept it.

Prove excellence with the highest quality on time.

The stubborn obsession with quality has led to world-class technology. It does not compromise on the conditions given, and produces the best results in the promised time.

Free the process, but responsible for the outcome

They work freely with high professionalism, but they are responsible for their actions and results. They make the best decisions by judging what is most beneficial to everyone.


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