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 AI Scalp & Skin Scanner

20x CMOS Camera, IR Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, VoC (volatile organic compound) sensor to measure optical & UV photography, odor, moisture, and temperature in one shot.

비컨 AI 스캐너, 인공지능 현미경

With one becon scanner,
Analysis from skin to scalp.

AI scalp analysis

Acne, blemishes/blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, skin tone, moisture, temperature, sebum, redness, Analysis of 12 pore density, pore size, and porphyrin item

becon scalp, skin analysis scanner.png

AI skin analysis

Pore ​​density, hair per follicle, hair thickness, hair amount, keratin, sensitivity, oil,

Analysis of a total of 10 items including moisture, scalp heat, and odor

becon scalp, skin analysis scanner-1.png

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AI Scalp analysis soluton

비컨 프로 애플리케이션

Hair follicle density, hair per follicle, hair thickness, hair volume, dandruff sensitivity, moisture, oil, temperature, and even odor.
Quantified data of a total of 10 scalp items provided via AI  analysis

M Hair line analysis

비컨 M자 이마 탈모 분석


hairloss medicine

AI Solution Matching

비컨 맞춤 제품 추천 솔루션

Applicable to multiple scenarios of skin care