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AI Scalp diagnosis

AI Automatic Diagnosis

There are many microscopes that can view the scalp.

However, the doctors interpret the images and make a diagnosis.

The Becon Scanner applies AI technology to automatically analyze 10 items in one shot, including hair volume, hair thickness, hair follicle density, hair per follicle, dandruff, sensitivity, moisture, oil, temperature, and hair odor, providing quantitative result data. It provides a very convenient function for doctors to make a diagnosis.


Hair-loss diagnosis

Hair loss progress level


When checking the progress of hair loss for people with naturally low density and thin hair, it is recommended to compare it with their past appearance. Even if your hair is thick, you may be experiencing hair loss, or even if your hair is thin, it may be because you were born with thin hair.

In the case of Becon hair loss progress analysis, the two parts, the healthy hind head and the crown (or forehead line) where hair loss is a concern, are compared and analyzed, so it is possible to intuitively determine whether the hair thickness on the top of the head is thinner or the volume of hair is less compared to the hind head.

Basically, it provides a history. You can also check whether the condition has worsened compared to the past. If symptoms are vague, it is recommended to repeat the test. It is best to get checked periodically every six months or a year, and if you feel that your symptoms are getting worse or worsening, you can come back and get checked.

Purpose of hair loss test

The reason hair loss testing is important is because hair loss treatment should be done as early as possible. If you can return the same even if you start late, there is no need to check so carefully.

Although it is easy to prevent hair loss, it is very difficult to make it grow back. There are two requirements for a good response to treatment. First, the younger you are (under 40 years old), and second, the earlier hair loss occurs, the more effective the treatment is.

The purpose of a hair loss test is firstly to determine the extent of hair loss progress and secondly to determine the effectiveness of hair loss treatment. If you can see how much you have improved, it will motivate you to work harder with treatment.

Many hospitals are already using
the Becon AI scalp solution.


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